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ME LIKEY! - (this is an idea i want to turn into a poem)

i want to feel like art... i want a guy to look at me and be awed, wowed, because my body has its own sort of grace...like my body is an orchestra, all the different instruments working together to create a powerful effect. isn't that what beauty is? (not just "hotness" or sexiness... call me old fashioned, but guys having hard ons every time i pass isn't what i want. i just want someone to feel better, happier, when they see me.) i want to make him, someone, happy, i want something to show off... i want to look at myself and smile. it's its own sort of wisdom.

i want him to trace the marks with his fingers, playing the instruments [for himself], to be fascinated with it. to kiss me gently on the shoulder, kissing with love, affection, from subconscious control. something he can't control. to just sit there naked with him. i want him to draw on me... i want to see through his eyes what he would create. is he a painter... sculpture... sketcher?
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