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another post from yours truely :)

A certain someone I know keeps bringing up the question of, "What's so great about Obama?" His point was that people don't really know the facts and they just vote for people who are part of their political party. McCain was on the television the other night and I think he was talking to people in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We watched it for a little while. We both agree that whether McCain or Obama wins the presidency it will be an improvement over Bush. I gently ask the question about McCain and the answer I receive is along the line of this:

[McCain is more experienced than Obama in politics and in war. The president, commander-in-chief, should have plenty of experience.]

That sounded convincing until someone else walked into the room. Someone who had been in the military for the couple years, stationed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Someone who looked at McCain and called him a douche bag. Also a bit convincing.

But neither of these reactions or opinions from other people, hope,are going to make up my mind. So I did some digging... hmmmmmmm

The first thing that caught my eye, and probably the most influential, is McCain's stance on abortion. He wants to overturn Roe V. Wade. One of my most fundamental values is that people should not be able to make someone do something they do not want to do, right???

Oppression against a person involving reproductive capacity, to me, is rape. I'll put it another way: To me, forcing someone to conduct behavior against their will in the context of reproduction is rape. Now that I've put that out there, I want to say that I am not trying to discount or compare levels of suffering between people who have been violently and forcibly sexually assaulted and people who are forced to bare a fetus and give birth. But I will point out that statutory rape is by no means necessarily marked by force and that sometimes people who agree to sexual relations or give birth suffer a great deal of pain. It is a loaded word and I am willing to change my vocabulary if someone ever brings a more appropriate term to my

Obama supports the right to choose.

Another thing that pisses me off is that McCain wants to lower taxes on corporations. I believe that the only way a government works is to collect taxes.
I have been called a socialist and a liberal for say things like that. So what? Why do people make bad words out of things?

I realize this conflicts with my prime directive, but without compromise, there would be no government. Either government exists because it is there to control the people, or government exists to protect the people and provide for the common good. I believe in the latter.

My problem with lessening taxes on these people is that it means the people with the highest advantage, receiving the greatest benefits of government are now paying even less, doing less, to support it. I don't believe in that. One of the biggest quotes of why the damn country started was, "No taxation without representation." Why should there be representation without taxation? And to a point, taxation is figurative. I don't expect an unemployed person to pay taxes, but I do believe they shouldn't be left behind. Are these not common values of good people, religious people, spiritual people?

Obama wants to raise taxes for the wealthiest Americans and for corporations.


So far I have covered two very important values of mine. McCain and Obama do not necessarily disagree on everything, though I would think that put head-to-head they would try to differentiate themselves by pointing out differences. And even these lists do not represent the men completely. My link above from the Herald states that both men support gay marriage, but type in "mccain on gay marriage" in google and you'll find videos and quotations that point to either way. In fact, the videos and quotations points to either way!!! huh?

"I do not believe gay marriage should be legal." And with those words, McCain has sided with the Nazi party for all purposes of respect. McCain has his own ideas and values, which seem to often enough be mutually exclusive to my own ideals.

This video is better. McCain is still against same sex marriage, but he doesn't drop the bomb in the same fashion:

McCain does not support human rights. What else is there to talk about? Experience? Military experience? The man spent about six years as a POW. That is an experience that deserves condolence, not merit for presidential success. Oops, I just cheapshoted him.

I now feel justified wanting to vote for Obama. McCain contradicts my values and to vote for him or even to like him would not be consistent with my own beliefs. And for the crucial issues that I've pointed on, Obama is on my side.
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