Lex (ms_lexy) wrote,

just a thought :)

Did you see the sunrise this morning? Or were you thankful for another breath this morning? Maybe you woke up mad at someone or something. What if today was your last day on this world. Would those (trivial) things really matter?

"The spirit of kyokushin means to do your best, until the last moment." I was watching, "The Fighter in the Wind" when I came across this. I think this is very fitting for a world we all "believe" we've grasped. I've at least felt like that lately and haven't used my time as wisely as I should have.

I know I'll never have today back. I know I can't count on tomorrow. The intangible thing I have is now. Have you ever noticed how pain makes you feel the seconds tick by and fun and laughter makes the time fly? How we choose to paint the world each day is determined by how we percieve time. If today was your last day, would the spirit of Kyokushin hold true in your life?

Pain makes you feel the seconds tick by.
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